About ME


The first time I made this blog I was far from being mom. But now for every time anyone asks who I am, I will easily answer it with "I'm a mom."

I am a blessed mother of a super kid named Muhammad Hamizan Hafidz, also a lucky chick for being married to my husband... should I put his name here? Uhm... maybe not, you will easily find it out through my posts anyway.

Since I graduated from dentistry, I then have became a dentist... and still a general practitioner. But somewhat I found out another passion in ecopreneurship which leads me to create Coral. I am still working very hard on it., but however,  motherhood is still my first priority! :p

Speaking about passion, diving is another thing that I wish I could do every day. I-love-the-sea! So very much!!! But since diving is not (yet) a job so I can only dive if there is chance. Still wish to make it as a job though, hopefully one day. U hear me well, universe!!!! :p

Well, that's a little about me.. for in case you wonder who is the jackass that has wrote these posts. Hope you enjoy my blog though.


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